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Attending Cypress, Spring, Tomball and Houston/Texas surrounding areas.

​" Helping you sell faster and for more money"

Sandra D'Angelo

About Us

Whether you're looking to stage your home to sell, or design a new space for your home, we have you covered!

Listed below are what we offer, and a further in depth look at each category can be found in our services page. 

Staging  Design Solution is headed by Sandra D'Angelo; She will oversee the project from the initial consultation to final installation (should you so choose). She won't rest until you’re delighted.  


  • ​​​Staging to sell
  • Designing new spaces
  • Color & material Selection
  • End-to-end project management


Mission Statement

My name is Sandra D'Angelo and I decorate homes to sell which is also called "Home Staging",   for more than 25 years, I did for clients and for myself what I am about to do  for you.  Our family got transferred to different places many times  and an artistic talent that was born out of necessity, it turnout to be my passion and  my profession.  I've already bought, sold , flip, invest and decorate  homes to sell in Chicago IL, Boca Raton FL, Fort Myers FL, Cape Coral FL, Curitiba/Brasil, Lancaster PA, Oakland MD and now in Houston TX , where I hope to settle and never have to move again until I die.   I've bought properties, straight from the bank, at the courthouse steps, auctions, foreclosures and direct sales. To perfect my craft I took Interior Decorating, Construction & Project Management, Real Estate and Sales, Photography and Real Estate Investment classes . My dream job came along  when I was living and working in Fort Myers/Florida there I worked for a company that did most of the model homes for Lennar, Colonial and USHomes.  Great freedom to design and create and it was also there where I perfected my Staging techniques.  Great staging and design not just casually happens, every object is calculated  and placed  just right to  produce an emotion  and there is no competition that can top your house if it is decorated like that... and  a good staged  house does not feel staged at just feels like home...and that is why it sells faster and for more money.

I love Real Estate and every  aspect of it interests me,  I understand the roller coaster of moving, detaching and all the logistics nightmare that comes with it and I can take you through this maze with confidence that you are going to come out as a winner on the other side no matter what kind of circumstances you are going through. I've already walk the walk  too many times so you do not have to suffer through it.

Together we can do this!!


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